Linden Flower Tincture

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Made using organic linden flowers with 40% organic alcohol, local honey and mountain spring water.

~nervousness ~insomnia ~emotional support ~anxiety ~protection



Othercommon names- Lime tree, basswood, large leaf linden, summer linden, tilia, small leaf lime tree, winter linden. There is also a hybrid species called European linden.

Latin- Tilia cordata, Tilia americana, Tilia europea

Parts used: Leaf and Flower

Constituents- Flavonoids, essential oil, mucilage, sugar, tannins and phenolic acids

Internally as a tea or tincture linden is used for helping upper respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis and to cool feverish states. It is also used for aiding in digestive cramps and indigestion. The extract of the leaf. flowers, and buds can be quite relaxing, ideally it’s good for helping stress related problems including nervousness, insomnia, restless legs, mild hysteria, high blood pressure, emotional support and anxiety. It can be combined with other relaxing herbs to assist its actions.

Linden is a very motherly tree- the divine feminine in tree form, she is nurturing, loving, compassionate and caring like a mother’s love can provide. She can be used for meditations on motherly energy and to celebrate the mother aspect of Gaia (Mother earth) and the divine feminine. She brings about a relaxing clarity, has a soothing effect on one’s awareness as if a shroud of mental fog has been cleared. A great ally for opening and protecting one’s heart space during times of reflection, grief, breakups and healing processes of all kinds.

Suggested Use- Take 2­0-30 drops  3­-4 times a day or more as needed.

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1 review for Linden Flower Tincture

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Rozanna (verified owner)

    Linden is known to have caffeine naturally so it did not give me a sedative relaxing effect. Of all the benefits it offers, it gave me a strong diuretic effect as I had to urinate quite often; also, it made me sweat quite a bit.

    • Aaron Weis


      Linden doesn’t contain caffeine, no where in any of my books searches or literature about linden says anything about it containing caffeine. It is largely used in many sleeping formulas for its calming effect. I wonder if there is a secondary reason why you had insomnia that night. There’s so many reasons how insomnia comes into play. What other causes may have interfered with your sleep, did you take anything else that day, what about stress levels? Do you watch tv right before bed?

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