Herbal Consultations Include

leaf icon 60 Minute Phone/Skype Call covering all things A-Z including diet, lifestyle, goals, etc

leaf icon An extensive write up on personal healthy suggestions

leaf iconA free herbal remedy customized for your needs

leaf icon 2 Follow up emails bi-weekly to check-in on your progress and answer questions

leaf icon Available by email to ask any questions you have

Herbal Consultations

Herbal Consultations ClipboardDo you have a health concern (or several) that you’d like to approach naturally? Are your unsure about where to begin or afraid of drug herb interactions? Or do you simply want to increase your energy levels, feel better and improve your body’s immune system? Do you want to increase resistance to disease with a easy routine that includes herbs? I can help you along your way!

What can you expect at your first Herbal Consultation?

During an Herbal Consultation, Aaron will take your entire health into consideration. From head to toe, we will talk about it all. This creates a health map of where you are now and where youd like to go. Your health and wellness is of the utmost importance.

What is the role of an herbalist?

The role of the herbalist is to help you understand what is going on with your body. With this understanding, you can then decide how your healing can begin. You will learn how to put foods, vitamins and herbs as well as your emotions and spiritual tools (all working together) into your healing process.

What will you get out of this session?

In the session we will review your health questions and concerns, personal health and wellness goals, and do a thorough review of your body systems, diet, medications and supplements you are currently taking. We will explore any mental, emotional and spiritual concerns related to your wellness goals.

Together we will create an easy plan for you specifically tailored to your needs as a unique individual. As we all know everyone is different short and tall, large or small!

At the end of your session Aaron will share his knowledge, thoughts and insights catered to your specific situation. Within 24-48 hours you will receive an in depth Healthy Suggestions File,  offering a recommendation of herbal remedies, foods, supplements, healthy living practices and lifestyle tweaks that will help nudge you back to a state of optimal harmony.

A free herbal remedy is customized to fit your into your lifestyle goals. This can involve varying forms of preparations: e.g. teas, extracts, aromatherapy, flower essences, capsules, or culinary herbs. The cost of herbs is included in the session price and generally ranges from $30 – $40 for a one month supply.

Once you run out, if you’d like to continue using any herbal products in the future you can purchase them directly from Aaron and his apothecary.

What are the benefits to herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine has the advantage of benefiting many parts of the body, often without the negative side effects that most pharmaceutical drugs have. Herbal medicine works to support the body to heal, not just treat symptoms.

To Purchase:

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Hear what people are saying about Aaron.

Aaron has gotten me on a great path to overall wellness. He is incredibly approachable & knowledgeable about herbal remedies & herbs, and his teas are beyond amazing. He listens to my concerns, questions & goals & is able to steer me in the right direction. Using the ‘blueprint’ he custom made me, I feel holistically better than I ever have.

Nicole Gervais

I have sought Aaron out for a consult a number of times for a number of different issues in my body. He always has an incredible amount of knowledge on any number of subjects, and he was able to work with me to find the root cause. He has helped me get past headaches, heart burn I had had for years, stop taking ibuprofen (I was taking 12 a day for over a year), and helped with me learning how to lucid dream. I cannot recommend him enough.

Brendon Brackin

Aaron really helped me understand which herbs to take to help me increase my vitality and support my adrenal system. After following his recommendations I am feeling more energetic. His knowledge of herbs and holistic approach to helping me heal on all levels was great. I highly recommend him if you want to get your body back into balance.

Kyra Siva

Aaron Weis

Aaron Weis


I have been helping people reach their dream and health goals for over 5 years. As a Certified Herbalist from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and a passionate plant person I can point you in the right direction. Through helping hundreds of people with herbs and healthy living practices I’ve found proven ways to get you to your goals.

These consultations are extensive. This means that all lifestyle, dietary and herbal supplement suggestions are customized to the individual. This allows us to work more thoroughly and personally, often bringing about deeper healing and wellness for the client.

I also do dream interpretations for those who are interested in learning more about there subconscious and the meaning behind these very important symbols!

 To set up your consultation please call or email me!

720-206-4899 | Aaron Weis CH | Aaron@DreamCatcherBotanicals.com


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